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Facebook addicts beware, a new wave of socially engineered worms and trojans is headed your way as criminals seek new ways to cash in on the popularity of social networks.

All Facebook users need to be diligent and careful when they are on the Facebook website.

Facebook themselves think if they simply ignore this problem nobody will notice, which is irresponsible to say the very least.

I don’t user Facebook myself, but I feel some basic security measures need to be implemented, they could start with screening applications before having them published to the Facebook community, which I mentioned in a previous post, you can find my previous post here.

And before I get beaten around the head by the Facebook community I am not having a go at the Facebook application but at the people running it.

Come on Facebook it’s time to face reality

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Facebook, the new virus

A new wave of malicious viruses have infiltrated Facebook, prompting heightened calls for the site to clamp down on its lax security or risk an ongoing threat to its 175 million users.

How much longer do we have to wait before Facebook admit the blatantly obvious, they need to stop there users from publishing Facebook applications without anyone at Facebook checking it for security vulnerabilities.

The reasons why it’s allowed to happen is because Facebook is, for the moment, a popular spot for people to “reconnect” with people they chose to get away from when they left school or university.

The people at Facebook need to introduce a system similar to the iPhone’s AppStore and review all apps before publishing to the wider community and this issue would more than likely disappear, hopefully this sort of approach will be adopted before a virus is unleashed on there 175 million users.

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