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There have been lots of questions about why we’re not opening this test to the public.

Microsoft today have acknowledged that they are testing a new search engine internally.image

They explain on the Live Search blog post that they are hoping for a comprehensive amount of feedback from internal users before releasing it to anybody outside of Redmond.

They also explain further into the post about rebranding Live Search to say that it is still under consideration.

I feel if they want any hope of this working they need to rebrand.

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What is Kumo?



You may or may not have heard but Microsoft is now testing a new search engine codenamed “Kumo”. An email was sent to all Microsoft employees yesterday detailing how they can assist and provide feedback

From: Satya Nadella

Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 4:18 PM

To: Microsoft – All Employees (QBDG)

Subject: Announcement: Internal Search Test Experience

The Search team needs you. We’ve been working hard to improve our search service and want to share the progress we are making with you. We are launching a new test program called kumo.com for employees to try and provide feedback. Kumo.com exists only inside the corporate network, and in order to get enough feedback we will be redirecting internal live.com traffic over to the test site in the coming days. Kumo is the codename we have chosen for the internal test.

In spite of the progress made by search engines, 40 percent of queries go unanswered; half of queries are about searchers returning to previous tasks; and 46 percent of search sessions are longer than 20 minutes. These and many other learnings suggest that customers often don’t find what they need from search today.

We believe we can provide a better and more useful search experience that helps you not just search but accomplish tasks. During the test, features will vary by country, but you’ll see results organized in a way that saves you more time. An explorer pane on the left side of results pages will give you access to tools that help you with your tasks. Other features like single session history and hover preview help accomplish more in search sessions.

Your Next Search…

To get started, visit kumo.com or click one of the samples below to see how it’s possible to find the right results more easily:

As employees, you are some of our most informed users and our toughest critics, and we highly value your input and feedback to help us build a better service. You have been an important voice in our efforts, and the feedback you’ve sent us since the company meeting has been amazing.

When you visit kumo.com, at the bottom right corner of the each page you’ll see a feedback badge. We ask that each time you use the test site, click the feedback badge and take a moment to answer four quick and simple questions. Feel free to reach out to give us extra feedback directly on our blog and by mailing (an internal alias). For answers to common questions make sure to see our FAQ.

We are committed to rapid innovation and improvement. Please give the test site a try, rate the results and let us know what you think.

– Satya

I really do think Microsoft are throwing good money after bad when it comes to a search engine, they are so far behind Google I am not sure if they could ever make up the lost ground.

There is one big issue though that continues to fuel Microsoft’s desire to continue investment in a search engine and that is, they have no choice, they have to continue to take an active role in improving there product as the future of computing appears to lie in the “cloud” and you need to have a good browser and a great search engine.

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