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Office 14 Update


Rumours are circulating around beta and RTM releases of Office 14, latest rumours are suggesting a beta 1 release around July 2009, beta 2 in early November 2009.

An RTM release therefore can be presumed to be around Q2 of 2010

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Microsoft has enhanced BitLocker with the ability to protect removable storage devices, such as USB-based hard drives, flash devices, and other media.

Windows Vista first introduced full disk encryption and they called it BitLocker, Windows 7 looks to enhance this by expanding its role.image

When Windows 7 rolls out to the general public, rumoured to be in Q3 of this year, BitLocker will be expanded to include removable storage, flash devices and other media.

has written another of his feature focus stories on BitLocker and he dives into the history of BitLocker and the role it will potentially play within Windows 7.

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The Live Mesh Team have released there next update of Live Mesh for the Mac.

There are a number of new features and fixes which includeimage


  • New Media Viewer on the Live Desktop.
  • Live Mesh News will now display the date (as well as time) for all news items, even older ones.


  • Improved the Live Desktop quota calculation.
  • Optimized MOE CPU/memory use.
  • Fixed Mac client startup errors that caused client to shut down shortly after launching.
  • Mac passwords containing extended characters now work properly.
  • Device status (online/offline) now properly displayed on the Live Desktop, in the notifier, and in the Mesh bar.
  • News now correctly displays the year.

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There have been lots of questions about why we’re not opening this test to the public.

Microsoft today have acknowledged that they are testing a new search engine internally.image

They explain on the Live Search blog post that they are hoping for a comprehensive amount of feedback from internal users before releasing it to anybody outside of Redmond.

They also explain further into the post about rebranding Live Search to say that it is still under consideration.

I feel if they want any hope of this working they need to rebrand.

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Just because Office 14 won’t be fully released until next year doesn’t mean consumers will have to wait that long to try out the products.

Microsoft have revealed a few titbits of information around Office 14.

Microsoft have confirmed that they will be offering desktop versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote as well as versions that can run within a browser and they will include full functionality with Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox, Office14 is also going to be fully compatible with both Linux and Apple iPhone.

Microsoft have conceded though that Office 14 will not be available this year but they do believe that they will have a beta edition out in some form before year end.

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Today, we’re making it available to anyone interested in testing SP2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 prior to final release.

Vista and Server 2008 SP2 RC has been made available to the general public from today, it was initially released to TechNet and MSDN subscribers last week.

If you have any previous beta releases installed you will need to first remove them before installing the Release Candidate.

A complete list of the change can be found here and if you would like to contribute some feedback this can be done here at the TechNet forums.

Download Vista and Server 2008  SP2 RC here

Windows Update Experience Kit download option here

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Microsoft have released a series of documents around Windows 7 for IT Professionals.

These documents include:

  • What’s new in Windows 7 Guide
  • A Windows 7 Manageability Overview Guide

These documents cover a range of topics aimed at the IT industry to help with understanding what’s coming with Windows 7.

I have provided a link here to download these documents.

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