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But the free iPhone/iPod App is only being released  in the US and cannot be accessed via Apple’s Australian App Store.

For some bizarre unknown reason Amazon has decided the free kindle iPhone app will not be available to Australian iTunes store.

Amazon claim they will listen to customers and are working towards an international release so I guess time will tell.

Perhaps some feedback from Australian customers may help in getting this out to the Australian iTunes store sooner rather than later

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Let’s Begin

As I attempt to keep a blog regularly updated, I hope to share my interests and what I find amusing as I trawl the internet on a daily basis.

One of my main aims for this is to attempt to improve my technical skills by “reporting” on new and exciting things happening in the IT world. The second is to see if I have a literate bone in my body

Anyway let’s see where this takes me and perhaps along the way I can learn the finer arts of communication and reporting.

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