WordPress iPhone App

I have just installed the WordPress iPhone application obviously on my iPhone and it’s not bad

The categories sync up great and there is a seperate area were you are able edit and approve comments

Not sure how this will look on the blog once I upload but let’s give it a try

Leave me a comment on your experiences with the iPhone WordPress application


Nintendo Wii Update

Wii System Update

Download Wii Menu 4.0 today, and expand the potential of your Wii console with a comprehensive storage solution.

Store downloaded games and channels with ease. View even more media* on the Photo Channel or Wii Speak Channel. Manage the content on your Wii console more effectively.

What’s new with Wii Menu 4.0?

Store more—Add more Wii storage using SD Cards or the high capacity SDHC Card format (up to 32GB).

Improved SD Card support—launch WiiWare titles, Virtual Console games, or channels directly from an SD/SDHC Card.

Let your Wii console move games and channels to an SD/SDHC Card with Auto Manage when system memory fills up.

Download titles from the Wii Shop Channel to Wii system memory or directly to an SD/SDHC Card.

How do I download it?

Updating your Wii Menu is easy! Just select the System Update option in Wii System Settings.

* Images in JPEG format only. Video in Quicktime or AVI format only. Music in AAC format only

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Office 14 Update


Rumours are circulating around beta and RTM releases of Office 14, latest rumours are suggesting a beta 1 release around July 2009, beta 2 in early November 2009.

An RTM release therefore can be presumed to be around Q2 of 2010

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Microsoft’s TechNet site has published an article that states the release of Windows 7 RC edition.

The article shows an actual published date of May 2009 so this is clearly an accidental release of a draft document as we are still in March 2009.

The RC release will be available at least through June 2009 and we’re not limiting the number of product keys, so you have plenty of time.

The article also states that the RC will expire on June 1, 2010 which potentially throws out some peoples estimates on when Windows 7 RTM will be released, I still believe though that it will be released during Q3 of 2009.

I invite your comments on when you think Microsoft will be releasing Windows 7 to the mass market.

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Includes all six original episodes with 60 classic levels and unforgettable weapons like the brutal chain gun.

Cast your mind back to when computer games were simple, you just installed the game and played it………

Wolfenstein 3D would defiantly fit into that category, and for its time was a great game so it is great to hear that this game looks to be making a comeback on of all things, the iPhone.

Rumour has it that DOOM will also be making a comeback on the iPhone platform….Stay Tuned!

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Microsoft has enhanced BitLocker with the ability to protect removable storage devices, such as USB-based hard drives, flash devices, and other media.

Windows Vista first introduced full disk encryption and they called it BitLocker, Windows 7 looks to enhance this by expanding its role.image

When Windows 7 rolls out to the general public, rumoured to be in Q3 of this year, BitLocker will be expanded to include removable storage, flash devices and other media.

has written another of his feature focus stories on BitLocker and he dives into the history of BitLocker and the role it will potentially play within Windows 7.

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The Live Mesh Team have released there next update of Live Mesh for the Mac.

There are a number of new features and fixes which includeimage


  • New Media Viewer on the Live Desktop.
  • Live Mesh News will now display the date (as well as time) for all news items, even older ones.


  • Improved the Live Desktop quota calculation.
  • Optimized MOE CPU/memory use.
  • Fixed Mac client startup errors that caused client to shut down shortly after launching.
  • Mac passwords containing extended characters now work properly.
  • Device status (online/offline) now properly displayed on the Live Desktop, in the notifier, and in the Mesh bar.
  • News now correctly displays the year.

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